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LE11 3GE, UK

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HPS's Pig Detectors and Pig are used in industry to reduce wastage in factory pipelines.

des19ncor redesigned and developed the Pig Detector to be a smart detector and enable data output for further analysis. 

Benefits of HPS Pig Detectors:

  • Reliably detects HPS pigs travelling at high speed or stationary

  • Easily and conveniently mounts to new or existing pipework

  • Specially designed for hygienic and sanitary applications

  • Ultra-reliable stretched detect signal for PLC and pigging automation software

  • Uses multiple data detection points for total dependability

  • Detect Signal output fully compatible with the Input of industrial PLC’s

  • Works with any pipeline diameter that’s suitable for an HPS pig

  • LEDs provide useful visual indications of pig presence

  • Simple clamp fixings – no cutting, drilling, welding etc.

  • Accurate, safe and robust

  • Fully electronic operation: no troublesome reed switches or mechanical parts

  • Electrical power connections have reverse polarity protection

  • Non-intrusive, minimal risk of contamination