des19ncor is an experienced engineering consultant company. Our team has over 20 years of Product Development experience. We are specialised in communication products, industrial products, gas & oil products, water industry products. Our designed products include Smart Survey Device (SSD), Smart Pipeline Remote Terminal (SPIRET) in the gas industry. 



des19ncor is formed by experienced R&D professionals, intending to bring key design skills to bare on different areas of system design which includes mechanical design, hardware design, software design and 3D printing design.

Soldering circuit board


Innovative R&D Development

Smart Survey Device (SSD)

With this project, des19ncor worked with GL on the portable signal processing which can access the performance of cathodic systems.

The Smart Survey Device has been designed and built as a multi-purpose instrument for pipeline engineers who need to perform assessments of cathodic protection systems that protect their pipelines.

Smart PIpeline REmote Terminal (SPIRET)

SPIRET is a combined Cathodic Protection and Nitrogen Pressure Monitor that aims to have low manufacturing costs, easy installation and maintenance, with high integrity for the data collected.

The prime innovation within the project is the integration of the pressure and CP voltage sensing in to a single standalone unit for deployment at Nitrogen Sleeves on the National Grid network.


HPS - Pig Detector

HPS's Pig Detectors and Pig are used in industry to reduce wastage in factory pipelines.

des19ncor redesigned and developed the Pig Detector to be a smart detector and enable data output for further analysis. 



Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.


Oil & Gas industry product development

Experience in Gas Industry;

Ultrasonic & Magnetic Pipeline Inspection Systems;

Data Acquisition and Storage Pack System

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